Michelle Larson is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a 2001 graduate from the prestigious Swedish Institute in Manhattan.  With a passion with everything real, natural, and holistic, she brings you The Natural Face Lift.  While the botox craze was booming, Michelle began looking for a completely natural, effective alternative for people who want to look their best and help stop the aging process.

Inspired by an Oprah episode where Oprah said every woman in the world deserves this type of treatment,  she sought after the technology for the very best facial treatment in the world.     As an expert in muscles, Michelle is a master at re-educating the muscles of the face from the neck to the forehead, lifting and sculpting, creating a Natural Face Lift.

Michelle is now a New York Licensed and New Jersey Board Certified Tattoo Artist, a 2011 graduate from the very best school in Cosmetic Tattooing, The Beau Institute.

She also completed Advanced Training and Color Theory with Certified trainer Bonnie Hall.

Now Introducing Michelle Larson’s Cosmetic Tattoo Parlour.

After years of seeing women with sparse eyebrows from over tweezing, waxing, threading, and age was her inspiration to add this amazing service to her menu.  Even your eyelash line can be enhanced with cosmetic tattooing.  See the photos page for examples.  Scar camouflage, hair simulation and areola tattooing will be coming soon.

“I love treatments that are safe, natural, and effective.  I see the beauty in everyone and I’m here to help my clients look and feel great!”  ~ Michelle Larson

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