Tattoo Candidate Info

Please read this section carefully and call with any questions or concerns if you wish to receive a cosmetic tattoo.  Michelle Larson 646-239-6538

What restrictions are there for having permanent cosmetic procedures?

  • You must be 18 years of age or older. 
  • Pregnant or nursing women are not a candidate. 
  • Organ transplants – you are not a candidate.
  • If you were tattooed with Premier True Concentrates between 2000-2004, you are not a candidate unless you have already safely received retouches of the work.
  • Blood thinners, Steroids, Chemotherapy – you need medical clearance and a note.   
  • Heart conditions, Valve replacement, Stint, Rheumatic Fever – medical clearance and a note are necessary.
  • Insulin dependent diabetic will need medical clearance.
  •  Joints replaced – you’ll need medical clearance.
  • If you have a current dermatologic condition, you will need medical clearance.
  • If you have any medical condition it is advisable to discuss the cosmetic tattoo procedure with your doctor. 
  • If you take an antibiotic prior to dental services you must do the same before permanent cosmetic procedures. 
  • Acutane – you must wait 1 year to receive procedure.  
  • Contact lenses – do not wear contacts for eye procedure.  Bring your glasses.
  • Botox, facial fillers, facial surgery.  Please tell us about it and ask your doctor how long you should wait.  
  • Eye surgery – You cannot receive a procedure 1 month prior or 3 months after eye surgery.
  • Those with herpes simplex or cold sores/fever blisters are advised to get L lycine and take 1 month prior or an anti viral medication such as Valtrex for 6 days from their physician and take 2 days prior to a procedure  to minimize the occurance of a breakout.  Or as directed by doctor.  If you are prone to outbreaks, get a dose for your retouch appointment also.
  • Those who have had a cosmetic tattoo procedure with another technician between 2000 -2004 will be required to know when, where, and what pigments were used before getting a retouch.     
  • False lashes must be removed for eye procedure and can be reapplied 2 weeks later.
  • Latisse – discontinue 1 week prior to eye procedure and resume after 2 weeks post procedure.  
  • Eyebrow and lash tinting should be done no sooner than 48 hours before or until 2 weeks after procedure.  
  • Waxing and electrolysis – at least 2 day before and wait until 2 weeks after procedure.  
  • Facial Laser treatments – you must tell technician and have tattoos covered to receive procedures.  
  • MRI – tell the technician prior to MRI about cosmetic tattoo.
  • Do you have any special events coming up?  It’s best to wait about 2 weeks for procedure to heal so you don’t have any stress about your appearance.
  • Please come in with your brows as you like them made up and bring your makeup with you.  
  • Cosmetic tattoos will be significantly darker and maybe swollen for a few days after.  Fading is normal.   Allow 2 weeks before determining your outcome and schedule a touch up visit at least 6 weeks later for your complete procedure.  
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